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Keen Collector

You are a keen collector of books, DVDs, films, journals, music or photographs and have your own private library. Usually you don't lend from your collection but if you do you can make a note of the borrower. 

You need a catalogue to keep track of all items in your collection. This helps you avoid acquiring the same thing twice. Although you can go to your shelves and check, sometimes you are out at a shop, auction or a fair where you can't access your physical collection. With Simple Little Library System you can simply access your online catalogue via your mobile and search for titles in your own collection. What could be easier?

Simple Little Library System is an online catalogue for collectors with a private library just like you.


Perhaps you also find it time consuming and laborious to catalogue your books. 

Simple Little Library System has an automatic cataloguing tool called AutoCat. You can use AutoCat to download bibliographic details like title, author, edition and publisher for books straight into your catalogue. AutoCat also automatically creates one copy located in your usual library space. It also adds the front book cover image so you can recognise your books more readily.  Think of the time you can save!

If this is your situation then the Collector's Package is ideal for you.

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