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In-house Expert Package

Library Management Software on Your Servers

In-house Expert Package

per month

Library Management Software on Your Servers

Library management software for legal libraries, professional practices and small businesses

  • Free 30 day trial
  • Library catalogue
  • AutoCat for fast cataloguing
  • Loans
  • Share your catalogue - Web OPAC
  • Acquisitions & finance
  • Serials management
  • Hosted on client's own servers
  • 1 Admin Licence
  • Up to 6,500 records
  • In-house support
  • Buy more licences or titles as required

£140 per month payable after your free 30-day trial if you choose to continue.

Price shown without VAT 


This library software package is hosted on your servers and includes in-house support. It is ideal for small libraries which need an affordable library system that includes all the functionality required to manage their library in one system. Cuts down on duplication of effort entering records in a catalogue and spreadsheets. Fast cataloguing combined with expert financial and serials management. Pre-configured reports provide in-depth intelligence to higher management.

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Catalogue your collection simply and easily!

This package includes:

  • Ready to go catalogue form with standard catalogue fields
  • Unlimited additional custom fields
  • Unlimited additional large text fields
  • Unlimited subjects
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited copies

AutoCat makes cataloguing really fast and easy!

AutoCat copies bibliographic details from Amazon, COPAC libraries and other sources.

It's as simple as 1,2,3!

  1. Enter your ISBN and choose your source
  2. AutoCat copies the bibliographic details and front cover image into your catalogue
  3. AutoCat adds a copy in your usual location

Simple loans for small libraries!

In Simple Little Library System the loans module is geared to small libraries without complex loan requirements. With the loans module you can:

  • Set your standard loan length
  • Set items as Reference Only
  • Record new loans
  • Return loans
  • Renew loans
  • Send Overdue Notices (or not)

Please note this system does not support reservations, fines or complex loans policies. Please see KnowAll LMS if you require more loans functionality.

The Web OPAC allows you to share your catalogue with your library users

Library users can search, browse and see their account. 

This package includes:

  • a site licence for the Web OPAC - unlimited library users

You decide who your library users are: they could be public users, members or staff, etc.

Manage your Orders, Receipts and Invoices

Simple Little Library System has an Acquisitions & Finance module to help you keep track of your spending and renewals.

  • Keep track of orders
  • Get reminders for overdue orders
  • Know exactly how much you're spending 
  • Forecast future expenditure
  • Demonstrate savings
  • Run pre-configured reports at a touch of a button
  • Save time

Manage subscriptions for journals and serials

  • Keep track of subscription renewals
  • Predicts next expected issue
  • Easy check-in
  • Alerts for missing / late issues
  • Efficient management of circulation lists including global replacement
  • Print or email circulation list

This package is hosted on the servers in your organisation. 


  • Web Server with Windows Server 2008 or higher + IIS
  • SQL Server 2008 or higher
  • Users only need a browser. All major browsers are supported

Your IT need to get involved:

  • Your IT need to run nightly backups preferably off-site
  • Your IT need to apply patches as required to fix errors
  • Your IT need to upgrade to new versions - about once a year

If you'd like hosting on Bailey Solutions' cloud platform please see an alternative package. 

Our aim is to produce intuitive software that you'll enjoy using

However if you need help all our packages come with free short training videos to explain how to use the different functions in Simple Little Library System. Learn as you go in small chunks. No expensive training courses.

This package includes:

  • One Admin Licence for a cataloguer / library administrators

Add more Admin Licences when you place your order or later if you find you need more.

It's totally flexible!

Each Admin Licence is a user licence for a named cataloguer / library administrator(s). Each licence allows one library administrator to login. You can purchase more Admin Licences as and when required.

Library administrators can create catalogue records and enter data generally throughout the system according to the Package you have chosen.

Please note: the Web OPAC which comes with this Package gives you a Site Licence so you can share your catalogue with unlimited library users. Library users do not have access to the Library Admin functionality.

This package includes:

  • 6,500 records

A record is one catalogue record or title. The number of copies attached to each title doesn't count towards the total.

Add more batches of 1,000 records as required. It's totally flexible!

This package includes In-house Distance Support

Distance Support includes: 

  • Contact us by web form, email or telephone
  • How to questions
  • Patches for errors
  • Investigations into data discrepancies or problems
  • Assistance when moving your system to another server

Gives you peace of mind that you can contact our support team when you need help.

Please contact me