So simple, it's a piece of cake!

Simple Little Library System at Evangelical Alliance

Kim was faced with a steep price increase by her old supplier

Without any prior warnings Kim was faced with a sudden steep price increase imposed by her previous library system supplier with whom she had been for 7 years. She didn't think that the price increase was justified as the old system was becoming too complicated and inflexible. In addition, Kim found that it was very difficult to get hold of anyone in support to have even the simplest questions answered.

Kim's 30-day trial

Kim decided to trial Simple Little Library System of which she was made aware of at a CILIP LMS showcase event. She was very excited about the opportunity to have a 30-day free trial without any obligations. Kim was able to add to the system, play around with it and see how it would work for her requirements without any commitments.

"It's very flexible"

Simple Little Library System suited Kim’s current library collection situation perfectly. She could buy additional modules as and when she needs them which means that when her library collection grows the library system can expand with her collection easily.

"Great Customer Support"

Kim had a brief introduction at the start of her trial and attended webinars. She could speak to a named person in Support and her queries were dealt with quickly.  She found that everyone was keen to help her find what she really needed and what would work well for her.

Throughout her free trial and the process of switching over to Simple Little Library System which included a data conversion, Kim was kept up to date with what was happening and who was dealing with it.


"Good value and easy to use library system"

Kim found that Simple Little Library System is very good value because it could do everything and possibly a little bit more than her previous system for a much lower price.

Her colleagues find it easy to use and they can now look up the information by themselves. For the archive side of things, she can produce customised lists easily which is very helpful for the enquiries she receives.




Kim Walker

Evangelical Alliance, London